How Do People Find My Website?

By now you have probably figured out that most people aren’t going to go to Google and enter your website name to find you.  So how do you get found? One of the answers to this question is with keywords. Any effort at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) must include proper use of keywords. Your website needs to be indexed by keyword in Google so that it knows where to send visitors who enter your keyword in their search page. After all, if you sell “widgets,” then it won’t do you any good to have people visit who are looking for “thing-a-ma-jigs,” right?

For example:

If you are looking for “SEO services,” you might visit and enter “SEO services” into the search bar. What happens? Millions of results are returned.

You can wade through the pages looking for what you want, or you change your search to be more specific. If you are in Florida, you might change your search to “SEO services in Florida.”

In the scenario above the keyword is “SEO services” (a keyword can be a phrase of many words). If your website is indexed on Google for “SEO services” you will be somewhere in those million results. If your website is also indexed on Google for “SEO services in Florida,” then you would also be found in the narrower, more detailed search, other results were weeded out just by adding “Florida.”

Even when the search is narrowed down to “SEO services in Florida,” there are still a million results! Your website could still be way down the list. It’s not very encouraging is it? Being on page 100,000 or something is probably not going to get you any visitors to your website. In our next article we’ll discuss how to move your web page closer to the front of the line.
Pick your Keywords
The use of keywords on your website is the segment of search engine optimization that is referred to as “on page SEO.” Think about the keywords that people would use to find your website. Make a list of 1-word keywords, 2-word keywords, 3-word keywords, and 4-word keywords. These keywords and phrases should be very specific to your product or service. When you write articles for your website be sure to incorporate your keyword phrases.

This is a vital part of search engine optimization and internet marketing and you cannot ignore its value. However, there are many other things that you can do to move your website to the front of the line in the search engines.

Our next segment will discuss some of the critical first steps that must be done in order to get your website found in the abyss of the World Wide Web. The next article will explain search engine submission and analytic tools.

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