Internet Marketing – Page Optimization, Working with Keywords

If you read the last segment in our search engine optimization series you learned how to read statistics about your websites performance. Statistics are great, especially to nerds like me, but now it’s time to get down to business.

More on Keywords

Don’t be a Big Frog in a Small PondDont be a big frog

Avoid using keywords that are too specific. For example: “Internet Marketing on Orange St. in Orlando Florida”. I can guarantee you that if we targeted that keyword phrase, we would be number 1 in a Google search. Problem is, no one would ever search for that term.

Likewise, using a snazzy term that you want to brand might yield limited results. We like the term ‘Web Presence Management’ here at Waterford Media, but we don’t get any internet traffic from it.
Use sensible, common terms for your keywords.


Before we start writing SEO articles and changing HTML we need to do some research. Google is a handy place for keyword research.

Select a keyword or keyword phrase that best describes your product or service for a particular website page. Type that keyword into the ‘Find Keywords’ tool ‘word or phrase’ box. When you hit enter Google will return something like this:

Keyword                                   Competition                       Global  Searches                     Local  Searches

internet marketing                       High                                       1,000,000                               368,000

We used Internet Marketing as our keyword phrase. As you can see it’s a very competitive phrase which yields approximately 1 million international results monthly and around 350 thousand results in the U.S.

Google Suggests Keywords for your internet marketing

If you have been following along with our example you can see that Google also recommends keywords that are similar to the ones we entered. As you scroll down the page you can click to expand these suggestions and see statistics about them. This is very helpful since you can look at similar search phrases that may have less competition and more monthly traffic. Take a look at some of the suggestions and try to figure out which keywords make the most sense to your website. Again, find keywords that have the most searches with the least competition.

Found your keywords?
Look for our next article in the series: About Search Engine Optimization VI – On Page Keyword Usage.

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