SEO and SEM in plain english

Search engine optimization – Maximizing your web presence to Get search engines like: Google, Yahoo, and Bing to notice your website. SEO is making changes to your website that highlight the relevancy of your webpage for a given topic, and building a strong network of relationships with other websites ( known as back-links). Good SEO drives traffic to your website.

Keywords are the phrases that people enter into searches which help them find your website. Example: Building movers or Orlando Building movers or Florida building movers.

Back links:
Back links are references from another website back to your website. Back links are important to search engines in determining how relevant your website is and for driving traffic to your website.
Back links can happen naturally when a different website finds information on your website that is relative to their content. They might have an article about ‘house moving,’ for example, which lists your website as a good place to find a house mover.

We can help this process by actively searching for and obtaining back links thru directory websites like the open directory project.
Additionally, there are countless blogs and forums on the internet that discuss anything you can think about. A back link can be created by posting thoughtful replies on these websites with a link to your website.

Page Ranking:
Page ranking is the assignment of your websites relevance for a certain topic within search engines. A low rank means that the search engine does not give your website the credit it deserves with regard to search results. A high ranking means lots of traffic and potential sales!

Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, etc. are all websites that can help develop a web presence and drive traffic to your website. The idea is to create a social relationship on these websites which entices people to visit your website and hopefully purchase your product or service.

Twitter is a great medium for this. If you can leverage recent news and events to a short snippet that relates to your website, the people will come!

A sitemap is a webpage that tells Google and other search engines, as well as visitors, where to find things on the site. It is very effective in ensuring all of your pages are indexed and helping with website traffic.

Seo Services
Seo services are available in many different forms, from directory link submission services( Not recommended), to high-end on-page seo and internet marketing. Services which include quality back-linking from articles, forums, blogs and high PR relevant directories are usually the most effective.

Waterford Media offers the latter in seo services and welcomes the opportunity to work with your company to develop and outstanding web presence.

Search Engine Marketing PPC (pay-per-click).
Another method to increase web traffic is to pay a provider like Google for advertising on their search engine. An account is created with Google Adwords where you make a short ad, indicate your desired keywords, and set your budget. The budget can be as much or as little as you like. Basically, each click costs a certain amount, depending on the competition for the keywords you want.

Your ad starts showing up on Google almost immediately (once approved), and the traffic follows. At this point, traffic trends, click conversions, etc need to be monitored and adjustments made to ensure the highest conversion rates possible.

SEM is a very effective way to generate business leads.