The names Google gives to its updates invoke feelings of adoration, maybe even cuddliness. But we wonder what the updates are really about. On the one hand it seems Google is pushing its Plus social platform, on the other defending its share of the internet marketing arena.

Does anyone smell a skunk?

Imagine the impact to Google’s bottom line if it could eliminate competition from SEO companies and internet marketers entirely. The numbers are mind boggling. We work with many small companies that spend thousands of dollars a month attracting customers through Adwords. SEO companies are a direct threat to Google and it appears that they despise the industry as a whole.

In a recent release Google attempts to teach business owners how to do their own SEO in 10 minutes. Here are some highlights from the accompanying article:

“Google released on Tuesday a video that provides startups tips and suggestions about how to master search engine optimization in just 10 minutes.”

“The video features advice catered to small businesses with main web content on less than 50 pages looking to rank only a handful of related search terms. From how to add the best keywords and including analytics code on your site to how to approach marketing in general, Google aims to make it easier for startups to get their brands ranked higher on search result pages.”

“It’s great to have a fancy site, but try not to focus so much on site fanciness that you don’t actually have indexable and searchable text,” Maile Ohye, developer advocate on Google’s Webmaster Central Team, said in the video. “You want to use relevant keywords naturally in your text. These keywords are like query terms that normal people would use to find your product or your business.”

Ohye also points out some major things to avoid: “Do not hire any rogue or shady SEO [provider] — if they guarantee rankings, it’s too good to be true,” she says. “Don’t participate in link schemes or buying links for the purpose of passing PageRank.”

 “Another question often on the minds of startups is whether they should invest time and resources into social media marketing.”

“Play to your authentic strengths,” she added. “It’s likely that your company has limited resources so if your CEO likes to tweet, go ahead and let them. If you have a salesperson who really enjoys Facebook, that’s terrific… and let them interact with the community there.”


Master search engine optimization in just 10 minutes!

Does anyone really believe that they are going to understand the complexities of search engine algorithms, Social media marketing, keyword density, effective content writing, link building activities in just 10 minutes.

Don’t hire SEO providers, if they promise results they must be lying.

Obviously, no one is going to hire an SEO company if they don’t get results. This one statement negates the whole industry. And what about the social media comment, don’t bother with facebook et al, unless you just find it fun to do.

We can’t help but think that this video is less about helping business owners and more about filling Google’s already enormous pockets. It’s a bit disconcerting the power that Google yields, more disturbing how they appear to yield it.

“A single update that impacts your company adversely could mean the difference of life and death for primarily web driven businesses. Seeing the effort that Bing is making is encouraging. All I want is honest search results. If I search for Detroit Web Design Company, the hope is I get a Web-Design company in Detroit.”

“Anyone that works in SEO knows this may or may not be the case. I have noticed that Bing seems to be making an honest effort to change this. Shame on Google (in my opinion) for not really making this the focus of your search engine.”

–          From Joe

The web is fast becoming the primary source of business for many companies and SEO is critical to their success.

Claims to the contrary should be seen for what they are, the worst kind of self-serving propaganda.

A Search engine should be just that, an engine that returns results for search terms. It shouldn’t be the monitor and policy setter for global business, it certainly shouldn’t dictate how a website should look or function.

The primary reason the web isn’t a more beautiful place is Google. If its spiders are not sophisticated enough to parse your website then your website is irrelevant.

Don’t fall for the PPC trap, whether you do SEO yourself or hire a professional the savings will be enormous over the long haul.


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