You see advertisements here and there proclaiming website development for $199 etc. I have to wonder what kind of website you get for that price and more importantly what kind of response $200 websites get once they are launched.

I’m sure there are many business owners who ask the same question and wonder what a fair price for a good website is. Websites range in cost from free on up to thousands of dollars.

So what is a good price for your business?

It depends on what you want for your company, simple brochure type websites that are just a few pages describing your products or services are the least expensive, websites with e-commerce and custom forms etc. are more expensive. Social media type sites with lots of pages and custom programming are even more expensive.

One size rarely fits all, succumbing to the create your own “free website” normally produces poor results for your business. If the website gets found (unlikely, since SEO is not usually a consideration in these types of websites) what will separate you from your competition? In most of your marketing materials you seek to develop your company’s brand, why should your website be different.

Spend the extra money up-front and avoid the frustration that comes with attempting to create a web presence on a shoe string. Proper planning, multiple design options, and a web design company that works with you to promote your brand will generate income that will probably get you return on your investment, rather than a stale abandoned website that once had high hopes.